Confluence(s), 2-4 June 2016

From 2 to 4 June 2016, the ESP Network will be hosting the GERAS workshop at the 36th SAES conference.

Call for papers

In English for Specific Purposes (ESP), the confluence metaphor offers a great opportunity to embark on different theoretical and methodological currents such as discourse analysis, linguistics, didactics, translation studies, or ethnography, which lead to the characterisation of the specialised facets of language and their teaching to students of other disciplines. The confluence metaphor also invites the ESP community to consider their discipline as a natural tributary of English studies streaming along and into domains such as law, economics, health, and science, to name only a few. Since research in didactics draws on various contributory sciences (such as anthropology, sociology, psychology, linguistics and cognitive sciences) in order to shed light on Second Language Teaching and Learning and Second Language Acquisition phenomena, the theme of Confluence(s) will no doubt find an echo within this community of specialists. Papers could focus on the types of research in the field (collaborative, action, development), or deal with specific concepts (such as code-switching or code-meshing) and/or the main theoretical frameworks (communities of practice, theory of complexity, paradigm of enaction). Reflections on methods such as interconnectivity, transdisciplinarity, project-based learning or inquiry-based learning will also be welcome.